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Alfredo Cesario
Board Member
Myra Daridan
Board Member
Helen Cadiou
Board Member
Anna Chioti
Board Member & Treasurer
Eric Klasen
Co-Chairman EFGCP Medical Technology Stakeholder Alliance
Nikos Dedes
Board Member
Jozef Glasa
Board Member & Ethics Officer
Laurence Hugonot-Diener
Board Member, Co-chairman Geriatric WP
Dimitrios Athanasiou
Co-chairman Children's Medicines WP
Martine Dehlinger-Kremer
Co-chairman Children's Medicines WP & Board Member
Ingrid Klingmann
Chairman EFGCP
Olga Kubar
Board Member & Education Officer
Robert Johnstone
Board Member
Ysbrand Poortman
Board Member, Patients' Right & Duties Officer, Co-Chairman Policy & Strategy WP
Mary Lynne Van Poelgeest-Pomfret
Heather Sampson
Co-chairman Ethics WP
Paul Strickland
Chairman Audit WP
Michele Garot
Board Member
Florian von Raison
Secretary, Co-Chairman Geriatric Medicines WP
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