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Our Mission
EFGCP is the leading multi-stakeholder forum in Europe where science and ethics meet to promote Good Clinical Practice in biomedical research.
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Our vision

EFGCP enables partnership between patients, researchers and other healthcare stakeholders to ensure ethical awareness as well as research integrity in health research and facilitates transparent implementation of preventive health measures & treatments.

Our mission

EFGCP is a not-for-profit organisation established by, and for, those with interest in the development of medicines and medical technologies.
We achieve our mission by:
  • Promoting open discussion on critical issues in biomedical research and health,
  • Promoting education and awareness leading to the application of ethical and scientific requirements in clinical research.
  • Promoting transparent implementation of preventive health measures and treatments
  • Facilitating the transfer of knowledge and skills across disciplines and sectors including training and advice.
  • Promoting human values in research involving human participants.

By promoting transparency, discussion and partnership, EFGCP strives to ensure the highest ethical standards into research that aims at disease prevention as well as the development of medicines and medical technologies to the benefit of the patient and other healthcare stakeholders.
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Who we are

Our team
The EFGCP Secretariat is the organisational arm of EFGCP and is responsible for all the operational aspects of the association and its activities including membership services. All EFGCP events and trainings are managed internally.
Who we are

Membership in the EFGCP is open to professionals and individuals, representing patient groups, ethics committees, academic & industry research enterprises, regulatory officials, and those concerned to develop Good Clinical Practice in Europe. Through their expertise and support, the members enable the Association to remain a major meeting place for decision-making the fields of ethics and science in Good Clinical Practice. The membership fee facilitates EFGCP communication with its members, organisation and/or participation in European research projects, organise Working Party activities, develop international conferences and workshops, publish the outcomes of its research and meetings, and ensure the smooth running of the EFGCP Secretariat.
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