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Institutional Membership
Open to organisations such as Patient Groups, ethics committees, academic institutions and not-for profit organisations, in other words, institutions concerned to develop the ethics and science of Good Clinical Practice in Europe and globally.
Why become an EFGCP Institutional Member?

EFGCP provides a unique meeting place for decision-making in the fields of ethics and science in Good Clinical Practice. Your participation in this Forum will contribute to the advancement of research in an environment that puts the patients’ interests first. Your membership will provide you with:
  • An access to the leading European and international discussions on ethics and science in clinical research;
  • an opportunity to contribute to the development of Good Clinical Practice in Europe and globally;
  • a direct access to the foremost developments in European regulatory and ethical discussions on GCP and the development of medicinal products;
  • an opportunity to contribute to frontline developments through participation in EFGCP Working Parties;
  • the assurance that you know what’s current and why through our meeting reports;
  • a way to build excellence in clinical research within your institution through dialogue with others

By offering a distinct Institutional Membership category, EFGCP seeks to work more closely with institutions and associations that share the same values and to enhance cooperation through:
  • Publications of shared guidelines
  • Mutual promotion of initiatives and projects
  • E-learning collaboration opportunities
  • Networking and partnerships opportunities

Your benefits as an Institutional Member
  • Opportunity to promote ethics in European clinical research and be recognised as a responsible institution;
  • Visibility on the EFGCP website, publications and during EFGCP events;
  • Discounted fees for all EFGCP activities (events, e-learning etc) available for institutional members' representatives
  • 1 vote in the General Assembly meeting

Institutional Membership fee

The annual EFGCP membership registration fee amounts 400.00 €. Institutional Membership is valid one full year independently of the calendar year.

Click here to download the institutional membership form.
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