EFGCP Annual Conference 2019

Making Clinical Research an Element of Better Healthcare


Event Conference
Type Face To Face
Language English
Date(s) 19 & 20 Feb. 2019
Day(s) 2 Day(s)
Duration 8 hours/ day

EFGCP Annual Conference 2019 focuses on achieving better integration of clinical research in healthcare.

Many scientific, methodological and regulatory challenges in research and development of treatments for different diseases have been successfully overcome in the past years.
However, in order to reach the ultimate ethical objective of ensuring patient centricity in treatment development, changes must be envisaged in our healthcare environment, in clinical research concepts, in the digital environment, in the way stakeholders collaborate, in the healthcare professionals’ knowledge and attitude towards new treatments development, in the requirements of competent authorities and payers, and in funding strategies.

During the conference sessions, we will hear from ethics, physician, patient, industry and government experts and discuss with the audience about new process proposals to achieve such an integration of research in healthcare. This will include :

• Clinical trials and novel Research & Development strategies
• Patient driven initiatives for a roadmap to health
• The need for different protocol designs and concepts
• The optimal use of other available data sources

Discussions with the audience in subject-dedicated workshops will focus on the use of current methodologies, challenges and advantages of the new technologies, with a view of effective clinical research and medical care integration.

Join us in making clinical research an integrated element of better healthcare.


Tuesday 19 February 2019
09:00 Welcome & introduction Ingrid Klingmann, Pharmaplex, EFGCP, Belgium
Plenary Session 1: CLINICAL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES - TIME FOR A CHANGE! Alastair Kent, Rare Disease UK, EGAN, United Kingdom Ingrid Klingmann, Pharmaplex, EFGCP, Belgium
09:05 What are the current challenges and immediate needs?
Ethics & Patients point of view
Hugh Davies, National Research and Ethics Advisory Panel, United Kingdom
Academia point of view: Event driven to value based trials
Adam Cohen, CHDR-InnoS, Leiden, The Netherlands
The in silico community’s point of view
Thierry Marchal, ANSYS, Belgium
EFPIA point of view
Magda Chlebus, EFPIA, Belgium
Panel Discussion (all speakers and chairs of the session)
11:00 Coffee Break
Plenary Session 2: WHAT NEEDS TO BE IMPROVED TO MAKE IT HAPPEN? David Haerry, EATG, Switzerland Michael Hamann, MSD, Germany
11:30 Multi-stakeholder collaboration for and with patients as driving force for clinical research integration into healthcare
Pierre Meulien, Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI), Belgium
11:50 Involvement of junior doctors in clinical research
Jonathan Strickland, NHS Grampian, United Kingdom
12:10 Modern Technology - Patient Centric Remote Trials
Bodo Lutz, Novartis, Switzerland
12:30 Questions & Discussion
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Break-Out Session: WORKSHOPS 1-2-3-4
Workshop 1: Needs & lessons to be learned from intensive care medicine Bruno François, CHU Limoges, France
Ingrid Klingmann, Pharmaplex, EFGCP, Belgium
Workshop 2 : Practical experiences & lessons to be learned from pharmacy research Christophe Bardin, ESOP, France
Mirjam Crul, ESOP, The Netherlands
Workshop 3: Study design: Options, Limitations, Preferences David Haerry, EATG, Switzerland
Wolf See, Bayer, Germany
Workshop 4: Ethics committee's considerations on the impact of clinical research in healthcare Jozef Glasa, Slovak Medical University of Bratislava, Slovakia
Olga Kubar, Pasteur Institute, Russia
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Recommendations from Workshops 1-2-3-4 Myra Daridan, CC Clinical Research Consultants, EFGCP, France
Plenary Session 3: THE JOSPEPH HOET LECTURE ON ETHICS IN CLINICAL RESEARCH Ingrid Klingmann, Pharmaplex, EFGCP, Belgium
16:40 Integrated Research, Ethics & Clinical Care in Paediatric Oncology
Pamela Kearns, Cancer Research UK Clinical Trials Unit (CRCTU), United Kingdom
17:25 EFGCP Annual General Meeting (for EFGCP Members only)
19:00 Roundtable discussion: What is
Wednesday 20 February 2019
08:30 Welcome Coffee
Plenary Session 4: INTEGRATION OF CLINICAL RESEARCH & CARE IN DAILY PRACTICE Paul Strickland, Strickland Security Assurance, EFGCP, United Kingdom
09:00 Patients are an integral part of R&D in Healthcare – What is their role overall and in protocol development & execution?
Tony Hoos, PFMD Executive Team, Switzerland
09:20 Questions & Discussion
09:30 Oxford Debate on: Heather Sampson, University of Toronto, Office of Research Michael Garron Hospital, EFGCP, Canada
09:40 For the motion
Denis Lacombe, European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC), Belgium
09:50 Against the motion
Dipak Kalra, i-HD, United Kingdom
10:20 Summary
10:30 Coffee Break
Plenary Session 5: PATIENT - DRIVEN INITIATIVE FOR A ROADMAP TO HEALTH Cor Oosterwijk, VSOP, EGAN, The Netherlands Tamás Bereczky, European AIDS Treatment Group, EUPATI, Germany
11:00 Introduction
Ysbrand Poortman, EGAN, EFGCP, The Netherlands
11:10 The contribution of patient alliances towards research & healthcare
Alastair Kent, Rare Disease UK, EGAN, United Kingdom
11:25 Practical approach to integrating research into care: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
Alastair Kent, Rare Disease UK, EGAN, United Kingdom
Practical approach to integrate access to treatment methodology into care: European Ideopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Federation (EU-IPFF)
Liam Galvin, European Ideopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Federation (IPF)
Practical approach to integrate care into research: European Haemophilia Federation
Cees Smit, EGAN, The Netherlands
12:05 A framework for person-centred health and research policy for rare diseases by and for RD-communities
Bertrand Verwee, Roche, Switzerland
12:20 Questions & answers
12:30 Lunch
Plenary Sessions 6: CONCERTED EFFORTS TO RESEARCH-SUPPORTED CARE Eric Klasen, Medtronic, The Netherlands Ysbrand Poortman, EGAN, EFGCP, The Netherlands
14:00 Rethinking the treatment development process in prevention & treatment
Irene Norstedt,
14:20 Rethinking the healthcare environment to enable research integration
Otmar Kloiber, World Medical Association, France
14:40 Communication, initiatives & ressources required
Hans-Georg Eichler, EMA, United Kingdom
15:00 Pannel & open forum discussion with the audience
15:30 EFGCP recommendations for effective clinical research & medical care integration, conference conclusions
Ingrid Klingmann, Pharmaplex, EFGCP, Belgium
16:00 End of the Conference