EFGCP Webinar: Cross-border access to clinical trials

What is needed to make this a reality in the EU? Discussion on results from a research project


Event Webinar
Type Virtual Event
Language English
Date(s) 06 May 2020
Day(s) 17:00 - 18:00
Duration 1 hour

Access to a clinical trial in another country is a much wanted option for patients who have no treatment alternatives in their country. However, numerous hurdles exist and no legislation is paving the way.

In this webinar you will hear the results from a pan-European research project, performed by EFGCP, EORTC, KU Leuven and Patvocates, that investigated the current situation from a multi-stakeholder perspective. The need for such research was identified by the EFPIA Oncology Platform and supported with an unrestricted grant.Conclusions and potential next steps for improvement of the situation will be discussed in this webinar.

Please join us and express your suggestions for the best way forward.


17:00 Introduction and research objectives
Alexander Roediger, MSD, EFPIA’s Oncology Platform
17:15 Presentation of the project results
Teodora Lalová, KU Leuven, EORTC
17:30 Q&A, Discussion
Moderator(s): Ingrid Klingmann, EFGCP
18:00 End of the Webinar