EFGCP Membership

Joining EFGCP provides your organisation, and you, as an individual, with an opportunity to promote ethics, quality and science through the single European organisation devoted to enabling best practice standards in all aspects of new treatment development in the best interest of our patients.

The Membership

Membership in the EFGCP is open to professional organisations and individuals, representing patient groups, ethics committees, academic & industry research enterprises, regulatory officials, and those concerned to develop Good Clinical Practice in Europe. Through their expertise and support, the members enable the Association to remain a major interactive discussion Forum for decision-making in the fields of ethics and science in Good Clinical Practice. EFGCP provides a unique meeting place for decision-making in the fields of ethics and science in Good Clinical Practice. With your membership fees you support the EFGCP to provide the information, discussion and communication platform its members need to achieve their own and EFGCP’s mission and progress.

Memberships exist in 3 categories: Individual, Institutional, and Corporate.
While Individual Membership covers only a unique stakeholder, Institutional and Corporate Membership allow several stakeholders within the same organisation to benefit from the Individual Membership benefits in addition to other organisation-wide benefits.

Membership provides with:
  • An access to the leading European and international discussions on ethics, science and quality in clinical research
  • an opportunity to contribute to the development of Good Clinical Practice in Europe and globally
  • a direct access to the foremost developments in European regulatory, quality and ethical discussions on GCP and the development of medicinal products and medical devices
  • an opportunity to contribute to frontline developments through participation in EFGCP Working Parties
  • the assurance that you know what’s current and why through our meeting reports and newsletter
  • a way to build excellence in clinical research within your institution and your network through dialogue with others


Individual Institutional Corporate
Individual Benefits
Amount of eligible individuals (within a same entity) 1 4 5 - 20
Access to EFGCP Working Parties engaging current ethics and GCP issues in health research
Personal login to the members' area of the EFGCP Website
Unlocked and unlimited access to information and members' general directory
Regular updates through e-mails, conferences, workshops and publications
Discounted fees for all EFGCP activities
Networking activities and access to experts
For the Whole Organisation
1 vote in the General Assembly meeting
Discounts on in-house Virtual or In Person GCP training courses -
Visibility on the EFGCP website, publications and during EFGCP events (Logo) -
Visibility in the quarterly newsletter and on the marketing virtual material - -
Tailor made consultancy offer for GCP implementation - -
Specific project development collaboration - -