Societal & Ethical impact of Computational Modelling & Simulation on New Treatment Development

EFGCP Webinar


Event Webinar
Type Virtual Event
Language English
Date(s) 25 Jan. 2018
Day(s) 16:30 - 17:30
Duration 1 hour

Modern medicine development is no longer modern. It was simply the best we could do before the dawn of the digital age.

This redesigns healthcare delivery, it will also redesign our conceptions of patient safety, medicinal product and medical devices development and clinical trials.

In this webinar, we will explore what the increasing roll-out of modelling and simulation in healthcare could mean in terms of gaps in regulation, compliance and ethics.


16:30 Opening of the Webinar
16:35 Presentation
Moderator(s): Peter O'Donnell, Brussels Correspondent, APM Health Europe / European Columnist, Applied Clinical Trials
Ernst Singer, University of Vienna (Pharmacologist, former Chair Medical University of Vienna Ethics Committee)
François-Henri Boissel, Novadiscovery (Avicenna Alliance)
Nikos Dedes, (EFGCP Board, former Co-Chair EMA Patients' and Consumers' Working Party)
17:30 End of the Webinar